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Project’s Goals

The project focuses not only on the Design, Development & Production of 5 inoffensive drones (one for each school),but even more on the development of Teacher-Led didactic programs (to be finally released as OERs - Open Educational Resources),to integrate /enhance the teaching and learning of STEM subjects through Drones Technology as innovative didactic tool.

The Training Programmes, studied & implemented by the teachers, will develop laboratory settings according to the Work-based learningapproach, so that activities will be managed autonomously by students (pupil-ledproject-work), to facilitate self-learning, self-evaluation and to enhance their motivation towards education.

The educational strategy is the constructivist approach based on the situated learning in the workplace environment.


Project’s Impacts

Desired impacts are:

  • Enhancing STEM skills in students to avoid ESL (early school leaving) and to increase the mathematical-scientifical literacy of graduates.

  • Developing technical-professional skills to enhance students’ future occupability

  • Enhancing the relationships between education and the business world, thanks to the co-designing of workplace setting suitable for drones experimentation

  • Developing didactic programs to co-design learning paths based on workplace setting (alternanza scuola-lavoro in Italy) and on apprenticeship

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